When quality counts, you can count on Minor's Fences to build quality and affordable fences. All of Minor's fences are custom built. For more than 25 years, they have been serving the Richmond area and offer a full range of products and services. Choose them and see why they stand out above the rest. You will be pleased with their professionalism from start to finish.


Transform your yard into added living space. Fencing can reduce cross-wind and block prying eyes creating significantly more comfortable outdoor spaces.


A quality fence secures children, pets, and property inside while keeping predators and trespassers out.


Define your property line with fencing that increases value and adds beauty to your home.

Classic style built with modern materials that last a lifetime.


Have form and function with a custom fence from Minors.

Entryways that make an impression. 

Maintain privacy with attractive privacy fence designs that complement your outdoor living spaces. 

top cap finish board on brick wall

A custom wood fence can add privacy and noise control to existing walls in high traffic areas.

top cap finish board on brick wall

I have had two fences installed at two houses in the last 5 years. In both cases, their work was excellent. With the latest fence, they were able to do the work ahead of schedule, which I greatly appreciated. The team worked quickly and efficiently. When it was completed, the fence looked great. I highly recommend Minor's Fences.

-John J

the kocals choice award minors fences
the kocals choice award minors fences

Very recently had a fence installed by Minors Fences. I cannot tell you how much of a wonderful job they did!!! I was kept informed every step of the way, not only did they do a fantastic install, they completed ahead of schedule. One thing that impressed me most was during the quote process we discussed the possibility of hitting a sprinkler line which I was fully aware of, with all of the installed posts, only 1 line was hit, they left that line uncovered for me so I could make the repairs. Its little things like this I appreciate, thank you Minor's to you and your crew and their amazing work.

-Mitchel P

So, we had about 500’ of three board farm fencing with wired backing (small dogs) installed (along with 4 gates) about two months ago. These guys did the work on schedule, they had professional crews, and when finished the entire fence looked better than we could have imagined! Their price was fair, and Mr. Minor himself stopped by to visit and make sure everything was okay. We could not have found a better fence company!

-Chris K

Great Job! Even my neighbors are happy. Crews were on time, courteous and hard, hard workers. Communication was outstanding! I couldn't be happier with the completed job!
-Debbie W